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加入时间: Jan 23, 2011
国家: Spain
经验: About 3-5 years


I'm the owner of I'm Trade Leader in many places, more than 5 years of experience in forex. To my followers I recommend contract a VPS Service. Gains increase if you diversify your portfolio with many pairs.


I'm long term investor. My orders could keep open two or three weeks some times more. Please use this formula to follow me: Capital to Invest / $180 = MaximumOpenTrades of 0.01 lots (where 0.01=$0,10 cents price of the pip). Example: $5600 / $180 = 31,111. Then we can set: MaximumOpenOrders = 31 with minilot of 0.01 ($10 cents price of the pip). Or we can set: Maximum Orders = 15 with minilot of 0.02 ($20 cents price of the pip) (Sometimes it will change, I will notify the people).