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fxprodroid Account not verified

利润: 54.23% 交易开始日期: 03/03/2010
浮动亏损: 99.75% 绝对亏损: 8.39%
总点数: 535.4 绩效类型: Real
交易: Automated
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18/04/2010 09:49 PM
fxpro Hostedbeta

帖子: 71
入会日期: 06/04/2010


I've been monitoring your results on forexpeacearmy for some times and i read very good reviews about your EA. but suddenly i noticed a very big drop. is there any explanation for this?

What is the recommended deposit for using this EA? Will it be covering back the current loss again?

Also, I noticed the performance set to demo on forexpeacearmy however here is shows real. Is this account is the same that is been tested on forexpeacearmy?

21/04/2010 10:50 AM
johnm User

帖子: 4
入会日期: 21/04/2010

I see a nice curve started in your results.

Can I have more information on your trading strategy please? What are the main area that you looking for to identify your trades?


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