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论坛 绩效 Super Spytrader

Super Spytrader Verified real account

利润: 65.07% 交易开始日期: 03/25/2011
浮动亏损: 8.60% 绝对亏损: 3.91%
总点数: 1159 绩效类型: Real
交易: Automated
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14/05/2011 01:29 PM
illiterate User

帖子: 561
入会日期: 21/04/2011

full statistics r not shown. But graph looks horrible.

24/05/2011 03:56 AM
Sasha User

帖子: 836
入会日期: 16/05/2011

Updated daily by the user. May performance remains very consistent

24/05/2011 09:48 AM
illiterate User

帖子: 561
入会日期: 21/04/2011

The other account of pureflame is showing better performance. Eventhough this one is updated system, it is less profitable so far.

03/06/2011 04:42 PM
Champ User

帖子: 711
入会日期: 17/05/2011

Originally posted by illiterate

full statistics r not shown. But graph looks horrible.

How it looks horrible to you??? a little losses but overall trend is upwards and so far it is better. I would like to hear from the trader about this trading system. As pureflame said that this system is updated. But it looks like it is delivering less than expected.

20/08/2011 01:12 AM

帖子: 513
入会日期: 08/02/2011

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29/08/2013 01:57 PM
Ser123 User

帖子: 31
入会日期: 20/08/2013

You've been away... r u coming back

30/08/2013 06:41 AM

帖子: 18
入会日期: 04/06/2013

Originally posted by Ser123

You've been away... r u coming back

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