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Trading VS Gambling

Jan 02, 2021 06:26 pm
marinad777 User

پوسٹ: 11
کب سے رکن ہے: 02/01/2021

I am fond of games and do not see anything wrong with that. What could be wrong with that? People rest, relax, release their thoughts by playing games. I always use it

Jan 18, 2021 03:41 am
Asher User

پوسٹ: 276
کب سے رکن ہے: 31/03/2020

Before I started Forex trading, I worked outsourcing from Odesk, as well as various web designs and Google Adsense. Now I am very happy to join the Forex market because I think Forex is the best business for me that I can easily make a profit out of this market which will not be possible so easily in any other business.

Mar 05, 2021 08:05 pm

پوسٹ: 227
کب سے رکن ہے: 05/06/2015

I am totally off from gambling, as its not worthy in any way at all. If we want to be successful, then it is must that we focus on stuff that is right instead of trying to run after short cuts.