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MaMaMia Verified real account

Kar: 125.42% İşlem başladı: 10/26/2012
Drawdown: 1.85% Kesin drawdown: 0.00%
Toplam pip: 3413.9 Performance Type: Real
Trade: Automated
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17/01/2014 03:15 PM
FXBigdog User

Posts: 1
Member since: 15/01/2014

Hi Jamal,
is this an EA? Can I rent or buy this EA? Or do you do
managed accounts? Thanks!

22/01/2014 07:30 AM

Posts: 2
Member since: 08/06/2013

Hi Jamal,
Could you please post how to subscribe to signals of your MaMaMia EA?

25/02/2014 08:23 PM
stb417 User

Posts: 2
Member since: 18/11/2010

Hello Jamal,
I am looking for compentant managers to hire.  Please contact me if you are interested.  

24/04/2014 08:28 AM
Jogi User

Posts: 685
Member since: 06/06/2011

Curve looks good.
Which broker are you using?

10/07/2014 11:25 AM
ktse User

Posts: 4
Member since: 01/07/2014

Hi Jamal, is this an EA?Can I rent or buy this EA?
Or do you do managed accounts?

10/11/2014 07:57 PM
sandalin User

Posts: 4
Member since: 05/02/2014

Hello, this system is too fast to be copiable thru autotrade.Could you please send me the link/email of the account trader/manager ?thank you
smitoofx at

08/04/2015 09:34 PM
Erikkr User

Posts: 7
Member since: 23/04/2014

How can i connect to this trader.Thank you

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