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E*Trade Launches Research Portal

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Feb 08, 2013 12:43 am
nida Mirrorbeta

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In a bid to combat the myth that 95% of traders lose, research and education services have been heavily promoted by financial services providers. Informed traders are thought to make better trading decisions. Brokerages in the FX space were quick to enter the band wagon with the likes of FXCM (dailyFX) and GFT (FX360) launching their own concise research portals. The trend continues and has shifted to the world of on-exchange trading as leading stock and futures broker E*TRADE has announced the launch of Investing Insights, an online resource center that presents a series of timely investing themes, based on the economic environment and proven financial strategies.

Customers can use these investing ideas to make informed decisions for their portfolios. “Many customers look to E*TRADE for help with their investing strategies, especially during periods of volatility and changing market dynamics,” said Lena Haas, SVP, Investing and Retirement at E*TRADE. “We surveyed our customers to identify topics that keenly interest them as they make trading and investing decisions.”

Investing Insights provides commentary, tools, education, and actionable investing ideas. It also provides modules on sound investment topics that apply across many investing themes. Designed to encourage investors to act on their own investing ideas or to provide inspiration for new ideas, this new resource is available to customers through the Research Tab on E*TRADE will continue to survey customers each quarter to determine which investing themes are most important to them and will regularly update the themes accordingly.

Each Investing Insight module includes a white paper created by E*TRADE Capital Management, a video interview with an independent analyst, independent research and commentary, and a list of investment choices.

The five insights introduced today are:

  • Opportunities in a Stagnant Economy
  • Generating Income from Investments
  • Protecting Yourself Against Inflation with Commodities
  • Managing Risk with Asset Allocation
  • Core & Satellite Approach to Investing

Offering traders research and trading ideas has been part and parcel of the full service brokerage model, brokers look to provide research either through in-house analysts or use third party firms via a white label.

Feb 09, 2013 05:15 pm

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Etrade is not just a broker. It is a financial services provider institution. It offers different services. It has its own bank and also serve as a broker.

Stick to your rules

Feb 10, 2013 07:24 pm
soumadamou User

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this is a very good news that you have just told me thank you.


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