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OctaFX made me recovery like I never lost!

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May 21, 2015 06:41 pm
PatSymcox User

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Making profits and losing is kind of a tom and jerry game for me, as this has been the case for many years when I started and it was like been stuck at one place with not earning much or losing much, so that’s why I wanted to be aggressive and look for higher profits.

I did this and results were horrifying since I lose a major chunk of my capital and rest I withdrawn it due to fear of even losing that. Although it would be fair to say that I lose due to greed, but wrong conditions also had a role.

So, I started my new inning with a completely different broker OctaFX, it’s a really ideal company to be working with and they got all the right stuff to make me win and not just win but it helped me recover like I never lost in first place, it was all because of their rebate service where I get cash back on every single trade, so that’s an extra way of earning for me.

Aug 06, 2015 04:33 pm

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It’s old habit of this broker to be present in times of difficulties, it is rare in present time to see brokers been present for us when we need them. I love the rebate service and this has become a very good supportive way for me to succeed. I have tried various stuff by OctaFX broker, but this is easily the best thing that I have got, so that’s why working with them is such a big thing and not is helpful to make recovery, but never lose first up!

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