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AL Trade

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Apr 07, 2011 10:54 pm
fxstat Admin

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გაწევრიანდა: 30/03/2010

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FxStat, Power to traders

Feb 25, 2013 04:39 am
illiterate User

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გაწევრიანდა: 21/04/2011

They r giving 20% bonus on deposit. But there is a mistake in following statement.

"In order to be eligible to withdraw any Welcome Bonus amount customer need to perform certain number of round turn trades (standard lots) according to bonus amount on his live account till 30.12.2012. You can find some examples in the table below"

If bonus is till 30-12-2012 then it is already expired. Maybe they forgot to change the date to 2013. But I dun think they give fixed date to complete lot requirement. For example if someone opens account in january, he will have full year to complete requirement. Whereas if he opens account in december, he will have less than a month to fulfil lot requirements. 

So it is creating confusion. Deposit bonus doesnt matter as long as service is good. But if a broker is not maintaining website, how can we believe in their service.

Feb 28, 2013 03:29 am

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გაწევრიანდა: 21/04/2011

Yes, this happens sometime. Looks like they do not have active web development team. But I dun think this small mistake means poor service in forex trading. But it is true that client will have confusion about the bonus.

Stick to your rules

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