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Abundance Trading Group | Rebates and deep commission discounts

Nov 14, 2013 06:23 pm

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გაწევრიანდა: 14/11/2013

Hi everyone,

I'm Linton, founder of Abundance Trading Group. I started this group to offer trading rebates and deep discounts to FX traders (esp scalpers. I am one myself). 

Rebates are paid directly to the trading account to save you (and me) payment processor fees (i.e. paypal/bank wires). We do not mark up the spreads. Being honest and transparent is something I value very much.

Right now, I have signed agreements with 3 brokers to provide rebates and deep discounts.

1. Axitrader PRO - $1.50 rebate, Standard 0.4pips rebate
2. IC Markets - $1.50 rebate, ctrader 8% discount
3. SynergyFX ECN - $3.50 rebate/discount, standard 0.35pip rebate (in the form of spread reduction)

I'm in the process of speaking to FXOPEN AU and global prime to offer rebates/discounts.

Otherwise, I invite you to explore the site. I've shared my experiences with a few VPS providers and made available free custom indicators and tools such as the trade execution speed tester and tick counter indicator (for comparing quality of VPS or broker's feed.)

I also have managed funds section in my website, where I display my managed accounts' performance

I will be adding more custom indicators to download, if you like it, do stick around  and leave a comment in my blog. (I write more about my personal life there. It is very zen....)

It is my vision for this site to offer as many useful articles, indicators and EAs to add value to the online trading community.

My background

I spend a lot of time developing automated trading systems (mostly scalping). After developing my 2nd automated scalping system and I came to realise that broker commissions are a huge percentage of a scalper's profit. If we can reduce commissions by just 0.1pip per trade (for scalpers), it would make a noticeable difference to the profits. Thus, the idea was born to start a site that can add value to online traders through deep trading discounts, useful articles, a compilation of custom indicators, and the sharing of my experience in the development of automated systems.

Whenever I deal with businesses or brokerages, I prefer it if I could reach the owner directly. Hence, if you would like to contact me directly, you can email me or via skype user: iwillsurvive100

I look forward to getting to know you better :)

My site:

Forex Rebates, Deep Discount Trading and More -