The first FxStat account was our own.
Now we help traders all over the world
connect, share and trade together.

Our mission is simple: make trading better and transparent.

At FxStat, we help traders around the world get off the ground and connect with other successful traders and investors.

We do this by creating great technology and by making it accessible to traders that previously wouldn't have been able to find other traders globally.

It all started with one performance page. We couldn’t find the easy-to-use website and application we needed, so we built our own. After experiencing our own success, we realized that we could share this experience with others, and help them online.

Today, we empower more than 250 thousands users in more than 150 countries globally to follow portfolio, copy top performing traders, read news, create a trust page, submit articles and publish trades on FxStat, Facebook and Twitter communities with users continually registered every day.

We want to provide you with the power to connect and share,and to make the trading world more transparent.

Whatever you are – professional traders or newbies, whatever your trading or investment style is, FxStat can offer you the tools to take your trading further. Thanks to our social traders network.
To date, has launched 15+ different interlinked applications with more than 1000 features — performance pages, web trading, social traders network, liquidity bridge, liquidity aggregator – a different social trading platform that is suitable for different needs and more.
We are a team of 70 plus passionate people developing and supporting the most efficient and easy to use trading tools. What we enjoy most is seeing our members achieve more with the help of our product.ds and more.
We have offices in the UK, Jordan, Russia and Saudi Arabia and we are proud to be associated and certified by the Jordanian Ministry of Labour to reward university students and graduates with certified experience, and learning in our offices.
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