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FX GLORY the Best broker : leverage up 1:3000

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Dec 03, 2016 04:09 pm
bosun2015 User

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Originally posted by Jogi
Negative reviews were manily about "Scalping" trades. Some traders dont like their customer support.   Traders say that fx glory removes profitable trades by saying that these trades were not connected with the bank bcoz trade duration was less than 3 mintes. They have clearly written in rules section of their website about this rule. So scalping is clearly not allowed.  Fxglory is new in business so it will take time for traders to trust on them.   

You said it all! I have been trading with them since 2014 without any difficulties. I am not a scalper. Usuallay, my trades last for hours and most of the time I use hedging as my strategies.So I have no problems with FxGlory. Now I understand why some are complaining. They are actually extreme scalpers.When I read the terms and conditions on the user`s agreement of FxGlory, I know from day one that I cannot eat my cake and have it back. So, I play by the rules.And I win.

Feb 18, 2019 09:48 pm

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I don’t like this broker a lot, as in past I have tried working but never got verified. I used the same document that I am using with countless brokers, but with this company it got rejected and hardly get any custom service to solve!

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