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What is the export trade of Chinese packing machine

Oct 29, 2019 07:57 am
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The development of social economy, the development of international trade, and the transformation of consumption structure and form have all promoted the market demand for packaging machinery. Therefore, all countries focus on the development of packaging machinery, making the output of packaging machinery show a rising trend.

Packaging machinery is a relatively slow development of the industry, its own shortcomings. Mainly reflected in the following aspects: because of different enterprise origin (state-owned, collective, private), capital, equipment, technical strength, starting point is also different. The general trend is that the high starting point is less and most enterprises are hovering on the low level equipment. There are many manufacturers in one area, which are more repeatable, more competitive in price and less profitable.

International food machinery standard situation food packaging machinery in packaging machinery occupies a large proportion. In recent years, the relevant standards of food machinery all over the world have drawn closer to the international standards (or European standards), and adopted international standards or regional standards as the main content of their national technical standards, so as to achieve the consistency and coordination of international technical standards of food machinery, so as to promote international technical exchanges and trade in food machinery

Only a few years ago, European countries' imports of beverage and food processing and packaging machinery accounted for 55-60% of global exports, but by 2011 their market share had shrunk to 43%. In 2011, Asia's market share reached 22%, making it the world's second largest after Europe. In addition, regions such as Latin America and Africa/the Middle East also showed increased market share. These figures reflect changes in the sales market, and the German engineering union (VDMA) expects more to come in the coming years: emerging and developing countries (economic growth and industrial development and modernisation) will be strong drivers of growth, while investment from mature markets in Western Europe and North America will remain high. Today, Asia, Latin America and Africa/Middle East together account for more than 44 per cent of global machinery demand and 50% of beverage consumption.

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