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Forums Performances feraydun sadeghian of iran

feraydun sadeghian of iran Account not verified

Profit: 724.72% Début du trading: 03/22/2010
Drawdown: 38.42% Drawdown Absolu: 38.42%
Total en pips: 4436.5 Type de Performance: Demo
Trade: Manual
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29/04/2010 09:42 AM
drift User

Envois: 3
Membre depuis: 26/04/2010

-5,000 pip !!!

02/05/2010 07:54 PM
jamal Hostedbeta

Envois: 42
Membre depuis: 31/03/2010

i think this is martigale strategy which couse negative pips. at the end of the day, who cares about pips. the $ value should be positive.

nice work feraydun, keep it up.

by the way, do you use EA?


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