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ScalperFx x166 Verified real account

Profit: 1777.42% Début du trading: 07/17/2012
Drawdown: 39.78% Drawdown Absolu: 30.00%
Total en pips: 146.2 Type de Performance: Real
Trade: Automated
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11/07/2013 01:49 PM
franklouis User

Envois: 6
Membre depuis: 02/07/2013

what happend wtih this account?

12/07/2013 04:38 PM
Sasha User

Envois: 836
Membre depuis: 16/05/2011

Originally posted by franklouis

what happend wtih this account?

I dont know if it is error or real. 
This account opened a trade with 150 lot size and lost the trade. It also lost more than 2100 to "Balance CANCEL ERROR REBATE". 
Owner of this account tell about reality because sometmes these are errors from broker side which r shown here.

13/07/2013 08:51 AM
Jogi User

Envois: 685
Membre depuis: 06/06/2011

But the thing is why showing a profit of 1777%.42%? 
It is also showing worst trade as 1361 which is same u said.

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