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forex is good business and profitable .

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Sep 08, 2013 02:35 pm
david222 User

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تاریخ عضویت: 19/08/2013

Forex is a very good business & very profit able business. If we are learn the proper & prepare the good strategy then we are able to open the trade 24 hours & earn the money any time. We known that the forex earning is very fast & there is no business like the forex business. So we can say that the forex is good business & money marker machine.

Sep 10, 2013 06:42 pm
Champ User

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تاریخ عضویت: 17/05/2011

I couldnt agree with you. 

Forex is risky business where 9 out of 10 people loose.

Sep 11, 2013 05:14 pm
ironical User

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تاریخ عضویت: 22/04/2011

Hello david.

Looks like u r one of "just stepped in forex world" person. Forex is not money making machine, but more like a money dumping place. 

Be careful.

The good or ill of a man lies within his own will. – Epictetus

Sep 12, 2013 10:12 am
A41010 User

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تاریخ عضویت: 14/08/2013

I don't agree with you,,, Forex trading is a very risky business, you can fall in its gaps anytime and never be able to get out

becareful !!!

Don't be this optimistic you might end up very disappointed

Sep 12, 2013 02:46 pm

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تاریخ عضویت: 21/04/2011

Nothing much left to say as it is already well commented. 


This mind set is never going to change or at least not going to change in near future.

Stick to your rules

Oct 09, 2013 05:48 pm
sugeng82 User

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تاریخ عضویت: 09/10/2013

Yes Forex is profitable business all time because Forex is a world wide wide online job with complete security. It is the best platform for business.

Jan 30, 2014 03:18 pm
leebelisar User

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تاریخ عضویت: 06/11/2013

Forex trading is one of the easiest ways to make money via the Internet at the comfort of your home. It is indeed one of the most profitable businesses but only if you know what you are doing. I mean, you have sufficient knowledge, skills, training and the likes about the subject matter. Additionally, you should also have patience and discipline to have a good trading day.

Dec 24, 2015 07:46 pm

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تاریخ عضویت: 17/11/2015

Forex is definitely a great business and very much profitable, but that’s till it’s done by person who got knowledge and experience. I trade with OctaFX broker and they are a worldwide recognized brokerage company with having various options which includes low spreads, swap free account and we are able to operate ECN account with just 5 dollars investment, so all this is really brilliant and helps greatly to invest only what we can afford and keep the risk well within control.

May 17, 2019 12:11 am

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تاریخ عضویت: 13/09/2016

Forex is a great business for those who are sensible at it. However, we need to be sensible with how we go about working. If we are good at planning right then we will be able to gain well. I do it all very easily and it’s simpler with broker like FreshForex, as they are amazing with having 101% Tradable Deposit Bonus, smooth trading platform and much more to help with working.

May 11, 2020 10:48 am
Asher User

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تاریخ عضویت: 31/03/2020

Forex trading is the best opportunity to change your life. it's very profitable online business and always provides unlimited money. You can earn more money if you have proper knowledge about forex business. you can making more money with forex

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