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Foros Suggestion Box [request] Change ListOrder of Accounts ( Setting)
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[request] Change ListOrder of Accounts ( Setting)

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Nov 04, 2013 05:55 am
siamfxnet User

Mensajes: 17
Member since: 01/04/2013

wtihin the user profile, the accounts are listed as we connect them witho out having an option to change the Order of the accounts.  


I have accounts with different Trade history lengths from 3 years to several months. I would like to rearrange these accounts in a specific order.  ( we shouldn't have to delete all our trading accounts and reconnect them in a NEW order ) . 


Please Vote! Thank you 

Nov 06, 2013 11:07 pm
Sasha User

Mensajes: 836
Member since: 16/05/2011

I like this suggestion.

Having such an option would be great and convenient for users.

Nov 08, 2013 04:46 am
ironical User

Mensajes: 734
Member since: 22/04/2011

Minor update but will be helpful.

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