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5Stars Forex Limited

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Jul 29, 2015 06:47 pm

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Member since: 29/07/2015

5StarsForex is a leading provider of online trading services. Established in 2014, 5StarsForex is providing traders a world-class trading experience worldwide.

5StarsForex provides it’s traders with personalized Forex training programs, Dealing Room specialists, the best Introducing Brokers and Partners Programs with innovative and competitive Partners offerings. 5Stars Forex provides it’s traders with the best spreads in the whole market, the fastest execution possible, the best bonuses and promotions among all other brokers, fast deposits and withdraws, and many more qualities traders enjoy with 5StarsForex.

5starsForex believes that the ECN/STP Forex Module benefits all the foreign exchange participants, 5StarsForex worked hard in the making the world of Forex more transparent with greater control for the traders.



Terms and Conditions

·         Bonus of 50% of the Deposit Amount up to $10,000

·         Rescue Withdraw Bonus means it is a Balance Bonus, not a Credit Bonus, It can be withdrawn if a certain number of lot traded.

·         The Bonus will support the Margin and Will Hold the Positions Open till the Stop Out level reach by the total balance The Deposit and The Bonus.


·         The Bonus given can be withdrawn if the client completed the amount of the bonus divided by $10. for example, if a client deposited $1000 and received $500 in bonus, The client will be able to withdraw the $500 in bonus in the top of his profits and deposit as his own money if the client traded 50 Standared lot, in other words for every lot the client trade the client able to withraw the amount of $10 from the bonus with a condition the whole number of lots given to each deposit will be traded.



Aug 19, 2015 01:47 pm
Hennon User

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Member since: 17/08/2015

How did you evaluated you as being a 'leading' provider?

Sep 30, 2020 11:02 am
Asher User

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Member since: 31/03/2020

Is it reliable platform for newbies?

Nov 22, 2020 02:53 pm

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Member since: 05/06/2015

I am not so sure about working with this broker, so I prefer working with a broker that is reliable and trustworthy, it is where I can feel comfortable and happy and is how success is very much easy and simple to achieve.

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