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Foros Rendimientos @EDFxCap x33x Real

@EDFxCap x33x Real Verified real account

Beneficios: 560.17% Comienzo de la operación: 08/01/2010
Drawdown: 30.99% Drawdown absoluto: 0.00%
Total de pips: 883.1 Performance Type: Real
Trade: Automated
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07/02/2013 12:33 PM
EDFxCapital Hostedbeta

Mensajes: 49
Member since: 12/11/2011

A few traders have mentioned that x331 is not a profitable account.  I scratch my head about this.  This account started out with $500 and the balance/equity is currently at $3196.  For the traders that question profitablity of this much profit do you need?!  I guess GREED clouds people's math skills in forex, huh?  Forex is law of exponents.  If you start out at $50, you now have $319.60.  If you start out at $5000, you now have $31,960.  If you start out at $50, now have $319,600.  Check your lot sizes when you trade.  1 lot is $100,000.  10 lots is $1,000,000.  0.10 lot is $10,000.  And 0.01 lot is $1,000.

@TrueHedgeFX Global / EDFxCapital

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