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How important forex trading performance?

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Jul 09, 2021 01:21 pm
Lena4030 User

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You can express trading performance in several forms and complex algorithms, and it is technically the mechanism that helps evaluate a trader’s risk tolerance and return or lack thereof. You can measure all types of trading performance, whether it is for swing traders, day traders, and all the rest. The most challenging thing about measuring trading performance is making sense of all the measurement approaches and numbers.


Understanding Trading Performance

Within the financial markets, we often hear a lot of talk around trading performance and more specifically about how we might go about tracking and enhancing trader performance. But what exactly does that mean? Well, trading performance tracking refers to the process by which a trader can monitor, and evaluate various metrics related to their trade executions in an effort to optimize for better results.


There are literally dozens and dozens of different performance metrics that a trader can evaluate. The purpose of this article will be to provide you with a practical approach for gathering and analyzing the most important of these trade related data. When it comes to performance tracking, it’s best to adhere to the 80/20 principle. And that is to say that we should focus on the most relevant elements that will provide us the most insight, and help us to achieve the greatest percentage of benefit for our efforts.


Risk console

Set and track risk levels and receive alerts when a target is hit, or is close to being hit. You can:

Set acceptable stop loss levels per trade

1. Set take profit levels per trade

2. Set the maximum acceptable number of open positions

3. Set your maximum loss per day across all trades

4. Receive alerts when a risk target is approached or breached


Performance dashboard

The performance dashboard is for post-trade analytics and focuses on three key metrics: win rate, disposition and risk reward. By identifying areas of strength and weakness within your trading strategy, you can see where you can make adjustments by mitigating your negative trading habits, while focusing on your strengths. 


Performance statements

Performance statements combine standard information on your end-of-month statements while including specific performance metrics provided through the performance dashboard. You can export each statement as a PDF for the selected time period, and analyse how your performance changes over time.

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Jun 24, 2022 12:33 am
Posuraid User

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Good article. Always learn forex before start and you have money and risk management.

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