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Forums Performances Gold-Shine

Gold-Shine Verified real account

Profit: 225.12% Trading Started: 04/19/2009
Drawdown: 7.91% Abs Drawdown: 0.00%
Total Pips: 14505.5 Performance Type: Real
Trade: Automated
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04/12/2010 07:24 PM
expertreview Hostedbeta

Posts: 76
Member since: 29/07/2010

very nice results, nice and steady.
Could you please give me some information on how you trade and risk level you take.

08/12/2010 02:40 PM
jamal Hostedbeta

Posts: 42
Member since: 31/03/2010

could you please give some detail about your trading?
style of trading, money management, best broker etc.

08/12/2010 05:01 PM

Posts: 1
Member since: 25/09/2010

We trade on short term technical analysis based templates
money management is relaying on the account size, results of past trades,
we have about 1:1 ration TP/SL and the eA knows to get out of trade before it reaches the SL if things looks bad
hope it helps
The Prizmal Team.

07/05/2011 03:12 PM

Posts: 939
Member since: 21/04/2011

A nice performance But not updated. I think if this performance continued after Nov(where it stopped updating), it will probably be one of the best performance in fxstat.

Stick to your rules

16/05/2011 07:19 AM
illiterate User

Posts: 561
Member since: 21/04/2011

He has other accounts with impressive history but not updated.

17/07/2011 06:23 PM
Richde User

Posts: 114
Member since: 11/01/2011

Prizmal Team seems to be a real EURUSD expert but the others are right. Not updated since december. Maybe they blowed money, god knows.

Keep it simple stupid

20/08/2011 01:09 AM

Posts: 513
Member since: 08/02/2011

your system name seems u mostly trades gold or it is just a name of the system Xynafx ... fund managers and forex signal service providers Minimum investment for our Forex managed Account service is $2k that will be managed individually in one investors account. XynaFx signals As low as $26 per Month.

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