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Adry managed fx Verified real account

Profit: 642.40% Trading Started: 09/24/2010
Drawdown: 23.74% Abs Drawdown: 0.00%
Total Pips: 5779 Performance Type: Real
Trade: Automated
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02/05/2011 03:24 PM
jjonline User

Posts: 2
Member since: 02/05/2011

I have let him trade for a little over a month. Started with 2000 USD and he has lost 735 USD during that time. I have tried to bridge my account but it seems past trades won't show up. Here is a screenshot of his result on my account.

I have email proof as well. I have contacted him after loosing trade that was very obvious that it will be a looser:

OK, I'm sorry I was humble with gold trade, I understand your frustrating and I will follow your rule, if equity below 1000 I will be kicked out, from now on I will implement safe strategy and will grow the account slowly day by day and will recover back to 2000 within a couple weeks

Then he just kept loosing my money. I decided to kick him out and he came up with this childish excuse:

Perhap there was a connection error on your account at that time, i am moving your account to my higher speed server and connection so hopefully it won't happen again

This is after loosing almost half of my account's worth. If there was a connection error the trade would not go through at all, wrong prices wouldn't be set by connection errors. Stay away!

To mods: I can give you access to my Metatrader so you can verify my claims.

02/05/2011 05:02 PM
ironical User

Posts: 734
Member since: 22/04/2011

Wow. its big loss. How andry managed to get profit on his account?
Are you lucky888 or a new victim of andryfx?

The good or ill of a man lies within his own will. – Epictetus

02/05/2011 05:12 PM
jjonline User

Posts: 2
Member since: 02/05/2011

Yes, big loss. And he kept repeating to be patient and he will get back all the money.

I am a "new victim".

03/05/2011 02:40 AM
illiterate User

Posts: 561
Member since: 21/04/2011

I think users should see the current history alongwith past data to avoid such losses. Adry got past data but no current data. His historical performance is good enough to attract an investor so its not the fault of lucky or jjonline. But just to minimize risk, current performance data is also important before you invest.

11/05/2011 07:41 AM
fxstat Admin

Posts: 448
Member since: 30/03/2010


1- we have removed your last post as you have not posted any evidence about your los yet. As we have mentioned, any claim need to be backed by a real account.

2- after your claim of loss, you have mentioned in the last post that you can introduce a good trader which you are currently using to make profit. This is new claim which require either your account or the trader account to be registered on fxstat only.

3- Also, please read the forum rules. you have added your email address and asked for fxstat members to Email you so you can introduce a good trader to them. Well, every one here on FxStat including yourself is looking at traders performances to find the best trader. Therefore If you need to introduce a good trader, you must have a performance URL on FxSat only to show us the trading resualts.

The FxStat Team

FxStat, Power to traders

20/08/2011 01:20 AM

Posts: 513
Member since: 08/02/2011

u manage accounts directly or from the fxstat plateform or you use any ib or we direclty give u access to our account? Xynafx ... fund managers and forex signal service providers Minimum investment for our Forex managed Account service is $2k that will be managed individually in one investors account. XynaFx signals As low as $26 per Month.

31/01/2012 02:47 AM
adryfx User

Posts: 14
Member since: 30/05/2010

Originally posted by sadscorpion

u manage accounts directly or from the fxstat plateform or you use any ib or we direclty give u access to our account?

First you register your new account using this link (choose razor account and 1:400 leverage)
Then give me access to your account and i will start trading

31/01/2012 02:48 AM
adryfx User

Posts: 14
Member since: 30/05/2010

Here is the new and latest statement link

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