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Solid ECN Securities

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Jan 16, 2022 07:50 am
Solidecn User

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Dear readers,  

I'm Zane, service representative at Solid ECN Securities ( I will be sharing the company services with the forum members, and addressing your concerns and inquiries.

We don’t wish any of the dear members to have a wrong idea or euphemism of the nature of our business. We have established this company to make a change in the business float, and make the trading transparent for real.

We can state with confidence that Solid ECN is a neat and steady bridge designed for trading the world.

This topic will be about answers and transparency, and I hope you stay with us. 

Jan 16, 2022 07:58 am
Solidecn User

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We are an expert team with more than a decade of experience in trading, IT, and brokerage development. Gradually over the years, we collected priceless information on the market demands. We have learned how to safeguard and secure the trading environment on contracts.

It was in early 2019, that we were determined to establish an independent bridge/hub to protect our accounts and trades. It was at that time we came up with the idea of Solid ECN Securities. We started with a self-developed platform, but due to the trading demands, the platform could meet our minimums only. Therefore, we stepped up and made it to the next level.

We formed the company and hired more experts to expand the Solid ECN Securities brand worldwide. The pillar of the company is to provide secure trading without discrimination.

> 1:1000 Leverage
> %40 Deposit Bonus
> Negative Balance Protection

Jan 16, 2022 08:03 am
Solidecn User

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Member since: 16/01/2022

Solid ECN Review


Brilliant Market Analysis

They send market technical and fundamental updates once or twice a day by email. My trading productivity had a significant increase by reading their short market analysis. I wish they send more market analysis every day.

Jan 17, 2022 06:48 am
Solidecn User

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Solid ECN Trading Platform


The popular trading platforms are narrowed to a few. We chose the newest and the most advanced platform that is available in the market, the MetaTrader 5!

Why MetaTrader 5?​

Contrary to commune belief, MetaTrader 5 is not an upgrade of MT4. The MT4 platform was developed for trading in the Forex environment, whereas MT5 was coded for CFDs, Stocks, and futures access. To be short, MetaTrader 5 is for more experienced and advanced traders, but before we go with the MT5, at Solid ECN we ran a survey of the traders we know, and found out that most rookies and novice users are already with the MT5 platform, and for the first time the MT5 users have surpassed the MT4’s!


Major differences​

> MT4 has 9-time frames, whereas MT5 offers 21-time frames. More time frames assist technical analyzers to have a better conception of the market movement.​

> MT 4 has 4 pending orders, whereas MT5 provides 6 types of pending orders.​

> MT 4 doesn’t have the market depth, but MT5 market depth is accessed within the chart.​

> MT5 has the Economic calendar on default.​

> MT4 has 4 types of pending orders, whereas MT5 holds 6 types.​

> MT4 allows hedging only, whereas MT5 allows both hedging and netting on request.​

> MT5 has 38 technical indicators, 44 analytical objects and unlimited charts​

> Partial order filling policies (fill/kill or cancel return) is another advantage of the MT5 for advanced traders.​

> The strategy tester of the MT5 platform is multi-threaded but MT4 is single-threaded.​


MetaQuote corporation has been sending announcements about stopping MT5 updates. Therefore, we believe it was in the best interest of all parties to go with the MT5 platform!​

Jan 17, 2022 10:31 am
Solidecn User

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Solid ECN Refund Policy

Trade with a True ECN BRoker


refunpolicy (1).jpg

There is no perfection in services online, and when funding is involved, we believe that the merchant should have a transparent refund policy. Solid ECN Securities acknowledges customer rights, and for that reason, we drafted the Solid-Refund policy.

There are circumstances when it is essential to return payment. Clients may submit a refund petition if the merchant service was not as described or the service was not functional or if the client justifies the reason.

We tried to make the money return policy concise, simple, and clear to give our customers a feeling of security. That is why we guarantee our services, and if it wasn’t as described the consumer has the right to apply for the return of his money.​

Jan 19, 2022 08:06 am
Solidecn User

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Solid ECN Review


Negative balance protection plus bonus

The broker does not charge its clients any negative balances, it covers those costs itself. Even though my deposit was free it gave me a deposit bonus in addition to the amount I deposited. So far, I have liked my experience here. I also started using expert advisors last week, it has been functioning well so far but I will give proper details after using it for a longer time


Jan 20, 2022 07:11 am
Solidecn User

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Account Types
True ECN Broker from Traders for Traders

Solid-Account Types.png


Solid ECN gives multiple account types on the MetaTrader 5 trading platform to help individuals and corporate customers to exchange Forex and Derivatives online.

All Retail, associates, and White-Label clients have the possibility to access various spreads and liquidity via state-of-the-art automatic trading platforms. Solid ECN grants an exceptional type of account options that clients can choose to experience a tailored trading experience that perfectly fills their needs.

United with excellent trading conditions and lightning-fast execution, Solid ECN provides all the tools and aids required for clients of any level to accomplish their trading goals.​


Min Deposit
Max Leverage
Min Spread
1:1000 2 pips No
1:1000 1 pip No
Swap Free
1:1000 1 pip No
1:1000 0 0.3 pips

Please click here to open the account comparison table.

Jan 21, 2022 09:49 am
Solidecn User

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Solid ECN Review


The customer support is responsive. I was able to get valuable information from them about the services. The response rate is impressive; I believe that should say a lot about its services

Dec 23, 2022 09:26 am
Solidecn User

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Payment Methods

Solid ECN Securities added more than 50 cryptocurrencies to its payment system. Our clients at Solid ECN can manage their account funding by a wide range of cryptos, from bitcoin to Zilliqa, all are available in the Solid-Dashboard > Account funding.

Solid ECN took this step to offer cost-effective payment methods for its customers. The blockchain transfer fee of the major cryptocurrencies have been increasing, therefore, retails are interested in trying the alternatives. 

With Solid ECN, any trader can take advantage of +50 crypto payments. 

> It is secured;

> It is undisclosed;

> it is decentralized.

Solid ECN brings vital advantages for forex traders in the US, EU, and beyond. High levels of market transparency mean price manipulation is not possible.


Trust Score 4.9

Dec 25, 2022 01:14 pm
Solidecn User

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Solid ECN Products

A professional method to secure assets reasonably is diversified trading. Trading on limited numbers of instruments was never suggested by the market leaders and hedge funders. They always spread their investments among commodities, indices, and or currencies. Diversity is one of the many keys to having success in the trading world. 

At Solid ECN, clients have access to trade the world with high leverage whilst the spread is tightened at its minimum. You can create your dealing basket to enjoy the product diversity with Solid ECN. We strive to offer our customers the most popular and trending products, and we made a live and long list of trading instruments. 

As of writing the list contains 250 products including:

> Forex (Major | Crosses | Minor)

> Precious Metals (Gold | Silver | Palladium | Platinum)

> Energy (Brent | WTI)

> Indices (spot)

> Nasdaq

> EPA (Adidas | British American Tobacco | BMW | Airbus and more …)

> Cryptocurrencies (Cardano | Algorand | BNB | Dogecoin | Ripple and more …)

Dec 29, 2022 11:49 am
Solidecn User

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Solid ECN Affiliate Program

Become part of the Solid ECN Affiliate Program and be a member of one of the most profitable affiliate programs globally. Start earning a tangible income from your existing traffic. With an affiliate program that grants the highest conversion rates, an extensive generous payment plan with the highest commission percentage available, Solid ECN is your safe trustworthy companion. 

At Solid ECN we enable our affiliates by offering technology, support, and tailored tools (including banners and widgets) to have a world-class, hassle-free experience!

> High-end Commissions

> True ECN/STP Execution

> Competitive Commission Model

> Global Payment Methods

> Fast & on-time Payments

> Marketing Materials & Generous Promotions

> 24/7 Client Support

> Daily Tracking and Reporting

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