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Free NO DEPOSIT 150€ / 200$ Live ECN Trading Account - Limited Action & Challenge

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Sep 01, 2013 07:34 am

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اشترك في: 08/06/2013

Hello Traders,

i will introduce you a amazing offer.

If you are a good trader - this is the best for you. If you are a bad, emotional & losing trader at the moment - this is also the best for you !
Forget all the DEMO Competitions - nobody human can win this really. Do you know anybody personally, who has won any Demo Contests with the result, getting a real $-Account ?
I for myself know nobody - and i trade the Forex Beast since 2007.

Ok Traders - sorry for the language - its not my prime. Here is the Deal :

If you like this - please say Thanks with my Introducing Broker Code : L42188
(you can insert my code in Step 3 / Point 7 of the Live Account Opening Form - thanks)

You can have a 150 Euro / 200 USDollar No Deposit Live ECN Account here:

Go to HOME - change to your preferred Language and click to 150 Euro NO DEPOSIT BONUS. It is a 15y Promotion of this Broker.


- you can have a Live ECN/Level2 Account with real 150 Euro or 200 USDollar
- you have 1 Month to trade with this Money
- after 1 Month - if you have PROFIT ( i hope so ) - the Profit is yours
- after 1 Month - you can withdraw any profit - or you trade the next time with this broker
- Execution Time for Trades is very fast - it is an ECN/Level2 Broker
- normally - it is a Cfd Broker - but he has all Forex Pairs and Gold / Silver
- ultra low Spread
- Trading wit 1 Lot - that are 1000 Units - i have traded with my personal 200$ Promo Account - so 1 Lot is 10 Cent
- The Bonus itself - please read the terms ( The client can withdraw sums from the Bonus amount if he/she has executed trades
with a turnover of 20,000 EUR for each 1 EUR of the Bonus which he/she wishes to withdraw.

This Promotion is not for Metatrader4 - it is for the amazing Delta Platform 6. So, if you are not familiar with this Platform -
make your Analyse with your MT4 - and than execute your Trades with the Delta Platform 6.

Ok, and here comes the Competition !

Everybody has the Chance to make a Profit with this Promotion. Its your Account - you can lose nothing or win big.
I am also in this Live Account Promo since 3 Days - i see you in this Tread hopefully with good Pips Buddies.

And at last - we can discuss here about the strategies - Most Pips in 1 Month! What will you do?
I hope, this is a good offer for you here - Greetings, Jan


Sep 01, 2013 06:20 pm
bnseagreen User

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اشترك في: 01/09/2013

Hi Jan


What pricks me is the statement 'executed trades with a turnover of 20,000 Euro for every 1 Euro'. How is that possible man? Besides does that mean we would have to make a profit of 20,000 Euro for every 1 Euro of no deposit bonus, within 1 month? 


I think I might be misunderstanding the term 'turnover' here, if so please elaborate.....and yeah I am new to trading forex.





Sep 02, 2013 08:21 am

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اشترك في: 08/06/2013

Hi bnseagreen -  thanks for your question. The bonus term itself are correctly : This Bonus Promotion has 2 Parts - the first and in my eyes best part are - you can trade with a Live Account for 1 Month - and all the Profits are yours. After 1 Month you can withdrw or trade with this money.

Part 2 are, that you can have additionally a part from the given bonus - if you trade enough fot the bonus terms. So, the smallest Lotsize are 1 Lot here at Deltastock. 1 Lot are equal to 1000 Euro Turnover. 1 Lot are 10 Cents Tradingsize. So if you take 20 Trades with 1 Lot - you have 20000 Euro Turnover - and from the given Bonus 1 Euro are yours.


If you make 10 Trades with 2 Lot - you have the same. If you make 5 Trades with 4 Lots - you have also 20000 Euro Turnover.

Sorry for my english - i hope that helps you a little bit. The Goal with this Bonus are mainly to make lot Profit !

Sep 02, 2013 01:35 pm
megrawab Hostedslavebeta

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اشترك في: 16/08/2011

I thought this one's ended already last week and the bonus is limited to European Economic countries.

I am a hosted slave beta.

Sep 03, 2013 06:53 am

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اشترك في: 08/06/2013

Originally posted by megrawab

I thought this one's ended already last week

Thats not right : " Section 3. Duration :The Promotion has no fixed deadline for participation. The period for using the Bonus is one month."

And thats right " : Territory : European Economic Area (European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway) and Switzerland. "

Hope this helps - thanks for your question megrawab 


Sep 14, 2013 02:20 pm

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اشترك في: 08/06/2013

This Promotion are still valid . Good Time to buy XAUUSD ( Gold ) - you can double the Account within 30 Days - or Lost [grin]  What do you think Traders ? Iam LONG on XAUUSD.

Go here for 150 Euro / 200 $ :

Sep 16, 2013 01:36 pm

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اشترك في: 08/06/2013

Hi Traders - now you have a good Position for trade this Promotion !!  SELL GBPUSD at 1.6000 for the 30 Days and you are fine.

Open your Live NO DEPOSIT Account now, you cannot lost anything :

Trade SHORT in GBPUSD your 150 Euro/200 $ Amount - ENJOY 


Sep 24, 2013 11:52 am
Jogi User

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اشترك في: 06/06/2011

@FXstrategie24. I think 1 standard lot = 100,000 units


So for each 5 euro, 1 standard lot needs to be traded. For $150 euro, 30 standard lots must be traded before you withdraw this bonus.

Mar 13, 2015 01:52 am

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اشترك في: 14/02/2015

It’s simply too tough on a new comer’s shoulder to make anything out of this deposit bonus, so I rather have low but quality wise high bonus and Forex is a business where it’s not necessary to have huge amount but what important is to have good knowledge of doing this work and that would be enough.

I never like using deposit bonus, it’s too complicated but I love participating in demo contest with OctaFX broker, it has epic cTrader weekly demo contest, it has prize budget of 400 USD and the first winner gets 150 USD so that is truly wonderful and is more better than any deposit bonus since we get the prize straight away instead of any restrictions.

Oct 17, 2019 12:46 am

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اشترك في: 13/09/2016

I don’t prefer these kind of freebies, as the rules are such that you are almost certain to end up at wrong side. So this is where I will say it’s so much better that we go for something sensible and realistic.

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