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Fixart FX Verified real account

الأرباح: 137.61% بداية التداول: 02/24/2014
سحب: 11.05% السحب المطلق: 4.56%
مجموع النقاط: 6073.9 نوع الإداء: Real
المضاربه: Manual
صفحة: 1
07/06/2016 07:36 PM
ekaram User

مشاركات: 1
اشترك في: 31/05/2016

Could you explain a bit what happened in March 2016 drawdown?

08/06/2016 11:54 AM
FixArt Hostedbeta

مشاركات: 1
اشترك في: 19/03/2014

Hello there,
I thought working with team would have been more profitable and stabil, last 16 years I am trading alone amd I wanted to change something, it did not work. I am back with lonely trading life, allmost 0 drawdown after that, more then 20% profit, allmost all loses are recovered. 

صفحة: 1