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Liquidity Management Verified real account

The performances on FxStat are verified automatically without any human interference. The verification is made possible by means of an Expert Advisor (FxStat Bridge) that runs on the user's MT4.

When a user decides to share their performance, the data is transferred from the user's MT4 terminal to the performance page on FxStat, and this data is processed in different ways into the charts and numbers that you can see on the Statistics page.

Each broker has two types of servers, Real and Demo. When the terminal is connected to the broker's server, FxStat bridge (Expert Advisor) can identify whether the account is demo or real.

Please note: works as a platform where traders in the community can share their performances, follow each other's trades, compare and discuss performances and strategies as well as other topics. We are not associated with any community members or performances, so if you have any question on any performance, you should ask its owner directly, or seek the advise of the other community members. We do not guarantee that past results will be indicative of future results, and returns may vary due to the markets conditions. It is your own responsibility to perform further due diligence that may include and not limited to requesting more information such as Broker name, leverage, account size, trading style and any other information suite your requirement from the performance owner directly.



Score is the weighted average value of all the scores - experience, risk, discipline, return and scalability.

FxStat defines 'Risk' as the maximum a portfolio or a holding may lose in one day with a confidence of 95%. So for example, if the risk of a portfolio is set at 3%, then we can say with 95% confidence that the portfolio will not lose more than 3% of its capital on any given day.

Experience: The more days a trader trades in a year the higher the experience score achieved. The maximum score achievable is 10, for having traded on all 264 tradable days of the year. For each tradable day that a trader does not trade, will loose a 0.038 score.

Risk : The weighted average of the standard daily deviation and max. drawdown.

Discipline: A measure of how disciplined a trader is to his trading strategy. This is found by looking at the distribution of a trades.

Return: weighted average of last 12 month return, probabilities and rations.

Scalability: An assessment of whether a trader is still profitable if he earned 0, 4, 8, 12, 24, 35 pips less on each trade. If the trader is still profitable with the reductions applied then a higher score is applied to scalability value.

out of 100

VaR 95%

0.01% min VaR
0.09% max VaR
Performance History (198) Symbols风险浮动亏损
图表: 增长余额 Profit vs Pips
Dear fellow traders, it's a pleasure to introduce our old safe system , Liquidity Management. We are a team of quant and manual traders. We suffered to use only a part of our liquidity during normal trading activities so we developped a super safe system to earn little extra money from our not traded capital. After one year and half live we had the idea to put it in the market with following targets: - traders/investors with the same need - normal retail customers that could copy it as a normal signal increasing the risk factor - multisignal accounts to boost the overall performance - Institutional investors Live from 2017 January to now: peak drawdown 1.5% 15 years backtest: peak drawdown 5% (on 2008) We have choosen an Institutional risk profile , it's very low so you could increase it as per your risk profile considering the here above data. 7 currency pairs traded: GBPJPY – AUDCAD – CADJPY – AUDNZD – NZDUSD – EURAUD – USDJPY The trading system works in trend,splitting the size in max 6 legs, maintaining open positions to exhaustion of the movement in progress, the gain is protected by a trailing stop techniques. It's not a grid system with pre-defined stepped entries or with simple volatility adjustments, it's a very sofisticathed technique applied to enter a new leg when the market is ready and with a size statistically determined to close the basket as soon as possible. Please note that the system is smart, it will not try to close any basket in profit if the market conditions are negative. It takes the loss and go on avoiding overexposure. The system doesn’t use hedging. It has never been modified or optimized from the start date of their operations, confirming its solid structure.
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