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Blade-Soul.Com Prepares The Product For Blade And Soul Like Glimmer

Feb 17, 2016 07:57 am

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Member since: 17/02/2016 is one of the foremost companies in the field of internet game trading. It comes with great reputation as a global internet game trader that deals with a variety of online gaming products like power leveling, gold, CD keys and so forth. The company is proud to announce the launch of products like Blade And Soul glimmer that will be instrumental in case of the online game, Blade And Soul.


Blade & Soul features a combination of martial arts inspired combat and qinggong in an open-world environment. Players create playable characters that explore around the world by completing quests assigned by various NPCs. The game uses a real-time battle system in the third person camera view and requires players to "combo" a series of attacks, much like that of fighting games. According to NCSOFT, the game also features an innovative “Downed” mechanic, allowing players to recover from the brink of death. Players begin with “player-versus environment” (PvE) but may participate in “player-versus-player” (PvP) combat later in the game.With the availability of player to player trading system, Blade-Soul promises to provide such gaming currency at a competitive price.


Blade-Soul has also devised Blade And Soul Powerleveling packages for advanced players who choose to go for top level characters for the game. This will enable the gamer to experience the contents of the game with the top level facilities. Such packages can be conveniently obtained by the user by paying a meager amount for the services provided by


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