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Tradesbook is a recent innovative service launched by the social analytic network FxStat. The programme transforms successful traders with profitable and verified real account into signal providers, allowing other traders from the FxStat platform the possibility of following their activity.


  1. 如何成为信号提供者?
  2. 成为信号提供者有哪些要求?
  3. 使用模拟帐户是否可成为信号提供者?
  4. 有哪些优势?
  5. 我能赚多少钱?
  6. 如何招募我的仿效者?
  7. 参与该计划是否需要付款?
  8. Can I join Tradesbook if I am a consultant, professional money manager or a financial trainer?
  9. 我可以从何处获得更多信息?

 如何成为信号提供者?   To become a provider you need to have an active verified account on If you need assistance, please contact us . 我们的团队会尽快联系您,帮助您了解所有必要的详细信息。 Your account needs to go through a historical trading result test period, during which we will evaluate your account and trading strategy. We will tell you as soon as we approve your application.

 成为信号提供者有哪些要求?   First and most important of all, you need to have a real trading account with real money that you have connected with your FxStat account and can prove that you have a good performance. 要有资格加入该计划,您需要: 1. 外汇帐户至少拥有 10-15% 的年投资回报率。
2. 经验证的实帐户
3. 采用风险调整后绩效评估,至少 90 天保持盈利绩效
4. 平均点数/过量交易 5-10
5. 为每笔交易都设有止损
6. 对交易方法和交易风格进行尽职调查
Once you meet our requirements, your name will be published on FxStat Tradesbook list of providers and others can start following you.

 使用模拟帐户是否可成为信号提供者?   No. That's what makes the difference between FxStat Tradesbook and other websites. There is no possibility of you opening a demo account and then becoming a signal provider. You will not be trading with real money, but your followers will. There is a huge difference between these two types of trading. On FxStat you must be able to generate profit on your real trading account first.

 有哪些优势?   通过让其他交易者仿效您的交易,从您的策略中生成额外收入。That's what you get, of course. And why would you refuse the opportunity of doing your regular activity, without any extra effort, and get paid or it? You let others take advantage of your success, without having to manage their portfolios.

 我能赚多少钱?   You will receive a commission of 50% of one pip, per transaction.So, if a trader following 100 of your trades during the month using 1 standard lot per trade, you will earn $250 from this.

 如何招募我的仿效者?   You don't have to spend time searching and recruiting your followers. Once you are accepted in this programme, your account appears on FxStat's list of signal providers. The people who are interested in this service just choose you from this list and start following you. Of course, the providers who have the biggest success in trading will attract more followers and so will generate a higher profit.

 参与该计划是否需要付款?   FxStat doesn't ask for any money from the signal providers, but acts as an interface between providers and followers. 加入该计划或保持会员身份不需支付任何费用。

 Can I join Tradesbook if I am a consultant, professional money manager or a financial trainer?   您是否是顾问或金融培训师无关紧要,只要您符合基本要求,我们就会接受您。

 我可以从何处获得更多信息?   For more information regarding FxStat Tradesbook program, you can communicate with us using our Contact Us page.