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Your best Experience with EA !!

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Oct 05, 2010 02:33 pm
expertreview Hostedbeta

پوسٹ: 76
کب سے رکن ہے: 29/07/2010

I got a big list of EA's and I want to share them with you. I want to know your preference about these EA's,

_rdb_ The Best Free EA Forex Derivative Forex Pipzu Pips Pro Aeron Forex Auto Trader AI-FOREX Robot v1 Annajah Forex Pilot v1 ATC 2008 EA Gorez 2008 ATC 2008 EA Prizmal ATC 2008 Greezly 2007 2008 Auto Cash Generator v8 Basket Trading Capital Market v3 Beta CloveriX EA Condarolina v2 Donchian Scalper v1.0 Dragon Pips v2.02 Re EA Genius v1.01 EnLight Surfing Eureka v7.0 Euro Blaster v3.0 FAP Turbo v4.8 Build 225 with Profitables FAP Turbo Settings Guide FapTurbo $147 Forex EA Latest Forex Ace Forex Autopilot System FOREX.Auto-Scalper.FOREX.Trading.Robot Forex Bling build 912 Forex Brilliance Forex Enforcer v1 Forex God Father v2 Full Package Forex Hacked v2.2 Forex Infinity Pro ELITE V1 Forex Knight Rider Premier Edition Forex Millionaire Robot NEW Forex Nitro New v2.81 Fractal Edition Forex Pip Bank Forex Supremacy Forex Transporter Forex Ultra Bot Forexbody FX Broker Buster v1.0 FX Equity Builder v2.0.1 Fx Genius Robot Fx-TroubleShooter v3.0 FXZapper EA GP Morgan KS GT Shadow v3.09 Heart of Probability Meter High Gain No Risk EA Ivy Bot v5.1 Kailash EURCHF LMT Forex formula Megadroid 6-30-2009 Parabolic SAR ADX EA Piptronic Advance Package Primeval EA rdb Thunder4WD v2b RoboMiner II v2.18 Shocker EA v1.1 Sniperfox Stealth Forex v2 Swissy Accu-Scalper Robot EA The 3 Duck's Trading System The Oil Biz EA THV EA V0.7 Traxxon Triangular Price Correction Uranus EA v0.2 Woodie EA WSS v9.4 WSS v9.4.3 Beta Version Xtreme EURGBP v298273

Thank You!


Oct 05, 2010 11:51 pm
fxstat Admin

پوسٹ: 448
کب سے رکن ہے: 30/03/2010


this is nice list of expert advisors.

it would be great to get some feedback from fxstat members on some of these experts.

I belive, there are manay traders using EA or other auto trading methods to impliment their trading strategy.

Thank you

FxStat, Power to traders

Oct 06, 2010 11:08 pm
fxpro Hostedbeta

پوسٹ: 71
کب سے رکن ہے: 06/04/2010

EA Genius v1.01 : this is an outright scam.

I heard good things about: Megadroid FAP Turbo Primeval EA

I dono about the rest.

Oct 08, 2010 01:01 pm
rashmi User

پوسٹ: 6
کب سے رکن ہے: 27/09/2010

There is a very long list of EA which has been provided above and the main fact about them is that it is necessray to segregate the ones which suit our needs and which have been exclusively prepared keeping our needs and requirements in mind. Rave reviews about Megadroid and Primeval EA has been heard and they have been doing exceptionally well in the market. Of course, if the traders want to work with any of the other EA, they should do their own research.

Oct 11, 2010 10:59 am
sonu User

پوسٹ: 14
کب سے رکن ہے: 09/10/2010

Based on my experience with expert advisors, i highly recommend to work with clickbank backed or Plimus backed products. In case, you are looking at EA's which has not been issued with money back guarantees and has not been backed by clickbank or plimus should be certainly treated as scams. My foremost experience was with Forex Nexus and although it is a good one but certain transactions used in this one ended up being very risky in the long run. Forex Nexus is backed by Plimus 30 day money back guarantee and they definitely remain true to their word.

Oct 28, 2010 08:23 am

پوسٹ: 6
کب سے رکن ہے: 05/10/2010

I have only the FAPTURBO EA. And it makes constant losses over the time. I'm runnning it in the demo-mode (as a scalper) with several different FX-companies, try to change the settings, but still - losses & losses.

Does anybody work with it as well? How are your results?[=(]

Oct 28, 2010 04:39 pm

پوسٹ: 7
کب سے رکن ہے: 08/04/2010


Well i dont think FAPTURBO is making money anymore unless some one optimized it with special setting. I remember when i was checking their website, I use to see few live accounts there. I can't see them anymore.

I belive FAPTURBO's days is over and now you need to look for more reliable EA. [>(]

Nov 30, 2010 05:52 am
Tower User

پوسٹ: 28
کب سے رکن ہے: 23/05/2010

I suggest you do ...

I suggest you do.

Give comments if you need to use together.

Apr 24, 2011 05:02 pm
pavel11 User

پوسٹ: 4
کب سے رکن ہے: 12/04/2011

iam sorry guys, but if you really want to see an expert advisor developed from an investment company, check this out.

ht tp://unbouncepages.c om/the-absolutly-best-expert-advisor-around-the-globe/

this ea is not like any other available for the mass. or do you realy belive, that an ea for 99 dollars works like one for up to 100.000 dollars?

Aug 16, 2011 03:25 pm

پوسٹ: 513
کب سے رکن ہے: 08/02/2011

i have slo list and having more than 1500 ea's in my hard disk but from these all i just trust and use only 3 ea's but i use them on there method and close them if i see the market have unnecessary moves that make ea to take wronge dicisions.

1. million pips 2.forexbody and 3.wall streat Xynafx ... fund managers and forex signal service providers Minimum investment for our Forex managed Account service is $2k that will be managed individually in one investors account. XynaFx signals As low as $26 per Month.

Aug 16, 2011 05:06 pm
Champ User

پوسٹ: 711
کب سے رکن ہے: 17/05/2011

Originally posted by sadscorpion

i have slo list and having more than 1500 ea's in my hard disk but from these all i just trust and use only 3 ea's but i use them on there method and close them if i see the market have unnecessary moves that make ea to take wronge dicisions.

1. million pips 2.forexbody and 3.wall streat


1500 EAs? woooooooooooooooooot. Why dont you try to share some of them with us :). But the one you think are good. Man how you collected so many EAs? How many of them are bought and how many are free?

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