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Weekly Trading Forecasts on Major Pairs (December 14 - 18, 2015)

Dec 12, 2015 08:10 am
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Here’s the market outlook for the week:



Dominant bias: Bullish  

EURUSD has been able to maintain the bullish breakout it performed on December 3, 2015. Last week, price moved further upwards by 170 pips, closing above the support line at 1.0950. There are resistance lines at 1.1000 and 1.1050, which could be tested as the bullish journey continues. However, there is a strong possibility that EURUSD would experience a vivid pullback this week or next week.



Dominant bias: Bearish

Since November 30, 2015, this pair has trended downwards by almost 500 pips. The bias is bearish, and it would be difficult for the pair to trend seriously upwards now (in spite of the fact that USD could be strengthened against some other currencies), due to the stamina in the Euro and the possibility of the Swiss Franc amassing strength. The support levels at 0.9800 and 0.9750 stand chances of being tested. The support level at 0.9800 was almost tested last week.  



Dominant bias: Bullish   

This currency trading instrument first trended lower on Monday and Tuesday – only for further bearish movement to be rejected as price assumed a smooth rally. Since Tuesday, price has gone upwards by 250 pips, leading to a Bullish Confirmation Pattern in the market. The possibility of further bullish movement is not downplayed, but it should be remembered that the expectation on GBP pairs remains bearish for the month of December, thus long positions on GBPUSD should be handled with caution. There could be a large pullback before the end of this month.  



Dominant bias: Bearish    

The bears were able to push USDJPY lower last week, ending the recent neutral bias on the market. Price fell by 250 pips, closing just below the supply level at 121.00. This price action has brought about a “sell” signal in the market, but the odd against the signal is the bullish expectation on JPY pairs, which could still happen anytime this month. Until there is a rally owing to the bullish expectation on JPY pairs, the “sell” signal currently in the market ought to be respected.        



Dominant bias: Bullish

EURJPY consolidated last week, and later went downwards. The downward movement was shallow; all in the context of an uptrend. The consolidation and shallow bearish movement were considerable enough to pose a threat to the extant bullish bias. A movement of 200 pips to the downside might be the end of the bullish bias, although there is a hope for further bullish journey, and that is when JPY loses strengths significantly.  


This forecast is concluded with the quote below:


“Although the price charts look the same today as they did long ago, the trade management needed constant adaptation. The markets are alive and forever changing.” – Joe Ross