To share your trades with your potential signal followers, you need to install FXStat bridge.

Please note that only Verified Real accounts can apply to become signal providers. If you want a verified account, you will need to create a new performance account. Any Real or Demo Account that use FXStat bridge will be automatically verified.

There are 2 steps:


1. Creating new account.

To create new account, click Add New Account button on the Dashboard (Home page) in My Accounts box. You can also reach “Add new account” page from My Portfolio or Settings -Accounts section.

There you need to make sure that you have Platform: MetaTrader and Data upload: FXStat Bridge options chosen.

Make sure to download the bridge (click the orange Download button), you will need it later.

In the second section, enter the name of your performance. (That’s all you need to do on this page if you are creating a demo account, because everything is set as needed by default and you can change it later if you want).

In this section you can also add description of your account and strategy.

In the third section you can set your privacy settings and state that you want to apply for becoming Tradebook and/or Managedbook Signal Provider.

After you set everything as you need, click Save.

You will be redirected to your Settings Accounts page. Here you will see the new account you’ve just created, you will need its Bridge Login number later.

2. Installing FXStat Bridge and start trading.

After you have created the new account, run the FXStat Bridge installation file: Click the file, then Run-Next-I Agree. You will see the list of MetaTrader 4 platforms installed on your system. (If you don’t see the platform you need in the list, click Add a MetaTrader folder button and browse to the folder where the platform is installed. Choose the folder by left-clicking on it, then click OK).

Choose the platform you need from the list; note that you can install the bridge on any number of platforms if you need. Then click Next – Install – Next and Close(If you didn’t uncheck “Launch selected terminals”, the terminal must launch automatically, if it doesn’t, run it manually).

In the MT4 Terminal Menu bar, click Tools – Options and select Expert Advisers tab. You need to have settings in this tab like on this picture:

Terminal Expert Advisor settings

Then in the Navigator window open Expert Advisors list and double-click FXStat Bridge. The FXStat Bridge settings will open, you need to set everything like on this picture:

FXStat Bridge settings

After that, make sure that Expert Advisors are running: click the button in the toolbar on the top. The button must be green.

EA Button

The FXStat Bridge login popup window will appear.

You need to enter the account’s Bridge Login (that you saw in Settings Accounts page) in the Login field and your FXStat password in the Password field (the password you use to enter the

After this you will see the “FXStat Bridge running…” message in the top left corner of the chart.

This means that the bridge is installed and you can start trading.

Your account will be verified as soon as you send any trading signal with your bridge to FXStat.