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forexwitcfhcraft EA 4 strategy in one-real 50% monthly

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Jun 20, 2014 07:46 am
george440 User

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I found the website seller ea, ea named forexwitchcraft they sell. and I am interested in performance due to small capital 


but it can result in a 40-50% per month but safe .. 

if there are already bought me want to ask: 

1.How performance ea? 

2. what strategy in use? 

3. Whether  really be with just $ 200? 

4. Whether vendors include setting ea? 

5. whether the signal akrat really like on the website? 

sorry if my post wrong, I just want to get information before I buy. thanks a lot

forex warrior come here

Jul 04, 2014 09:20 am
strategic User

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Hi george440, have you looked at their site at myfxbook?

I like: the fact they actually have a real account trading it, which is unusually good in the EA robot market

I don't like: the stats indicate a possible martingale or grid system, so my guess is the risk is too high to eventually go bust. I deduct this from the facts that losses are bigger then gains, high %gain, trading history is hidden. I understand open orders being hidden to prevent free rides, but see no reason to hide history. What is it we are not allowed to see? At the end it's always a personal decision. I only trade systems that have higher gains then losses, but accept lower % trades won. Hope this helps you a little.

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