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you still see so many blade and soul bots in blue dungeons and pvp arena

Mar 14, 2016 07:17 am

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not only that, some <a href="">Blade & Soul Gold</a>character's line are completely changed from original translation.

With from JP voice or KR voice , some stuff (even in main story) don't even match up with ENGLISH subtitles.

NC west must have used their own office ppl for voice acting, rather than using legit voice actors, because they are TERRIBLE. 


I wonder what NC west actually do.

translations are horrible. 

horrible voice acting.

Bot banning is so slow and ineffective, you still see so many bots in blue dungeons and pvp arena.

All they do is waiting for patch from other regions; they are not actually making new region or new quest themselves.

they cannot solve the game guard issue

same goes with optimization issues.


Look, the game has problems. Bots and hacks are obviously one of them. The game has optimization problems. The game has things going for it, and things against it. Localization is just not one of those problems, imo. To each its own. If you complain about everything i don't know why you play the game anyway. Or, if you dont play anymore, why you still lurk in the forums.


Some of it's great, some of it's crap. Any business school worth its salt teaches that inconsistent product is a sign of a bad system, and it just makes me think that whoever coordinates this operation has no idea how to manage it properly. It's the same thing with Nexon and Vindictus though. Multi-million dollar titles, money being lost constantly because of poor standardization of their systems. Experiences may vary regionally because of differences in the target audiences, but the quality should not.


The Vindi servers in NA/EU are scraping the bottom of the barrel population-wise because of years of bad management, but feel free to follow them if that's the way you want to go, NCSoft. What's funny is that the places where the voice acting and foley work has been done really well stand to make the bad production that much more of a pain to endure.


Speak with your wallet; I stopped spending with Nexon because they ignored customers, and I won't spend here until they show that their responsive to what we ask for and that their serious about keeping the quality of this <a href="">BNS Gold</a> game consistent.