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Daniel Paduraru Scam Alert

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Apr 12, 2017 03:15 pm
Bacherra User

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Daniel Paduraru Scam Alert

Hi all, I am posting here to let you all know that I have been scammed by Daniel Paduraru "ID Passport: 2QECO6RZG From 27 Henri  Marechal 69800 St ´Priest France". His pages can be found at:


He is MAM account manager and uses two types of trading - one is aggressive manual and another conservative Trading.- . I decided to invest him 5000 AUD 


He made me join his PAMM in Thinkmarkets and in a Day I lost all my money. And I think he also did it from other customers. And to find out more about this, he uses the same strategy of asking for large sums and then losing it for hours and without being able to do anything.

He has agreements with brokers that are regulated more is a complete scam artist, please be very careful.


To make matters worse, he wanted, THAT I INVESTS MORE ALLEGED TO RECOVER

1) it doesn't work and 2) I want a refund. Obviously he just stopped responding to my countless skype messages and emails and I am out 5000 AUD. Please, please, please, whatever you do, do not invest anything whit this scammer! For more info, you can inbox me. Thank


Apr 23, 2020 09:42 pm

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It’s important to spread about these people because they keep scamming innocent, so we got to be extremely careful about these things. If we avoid these people then only we will be able to move towards anything like success.

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