The most basic function of FxStat’s Social Trading network is being able to see what your fellow traders are doing in the financial market at any given time. How does that benefit you? Information is power, and staying informed about what other traders are doing gives you valuable insight into market trends, innovative strategies and trading ideas.


Naturally, there will be certain traders whose trading activity you will find more interesting than others. This may be because of the way they trade, the markets they trade or how profitable they are. FxStat’s social trading platform allows you to “Follow” the trades of these traders. You can also get more information on each trader and even get in touch with them in person through their personal profiles. If you’re not sure which traders you want to follow, you can use our rankings page or our filter functionality to find those traders that best match your trading criteria.


Once you are happy with a group of traders you want to follow, our Social Copy Trader quickly allows you to copy their trades. For example, If you spot a trader who’s consistently profitable* it’s much easier to use the “CopyTrader” feature to start copying their trades automatically. Our Social Copy Trader gives you an unrivalled level of control over how to copy from the feed of people you are following. For example, you can choose how much of your funds you want to allocate towards copying a trader. You can filter to copy traders by market, by time of day and even take opposite trades to the person you are copying!